Prawn Cocktail Platter 6.50
Sole Goujons ( Marie Rose Dip & Garnish) 6.00
Battered Mushrooms (Garlic Dip & Garnish) 6.00
Battered Haggis Balls (Wild Cherry and Bramble Sauce & Garnish) 6.00
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons ( BBQ Dip & Garnish) 6.00
Cheesy Nachos ( Sour Cream & Salsa) sharer 6.00 1 person portion 4.00 
Garlic Bread & Garlic Mayonnaise Dip 3.80

Main Courses
Slow Cooked Diced Beef with a Puff Pastry lid 9.90
Beef Stroganoff (Rice and Garlic Bread) 12.80
(add chips 60p

Double Burger in a bun (Steak, Breaded Chicken or Battered Chicken) 8.90
Add a Topping 80p each (Onion Rings, Bacon or Cheese)

From The Grill
Grilled 8oz Sirloin Steak with Onion Rings & Mushrooms 17.50
Add a Sauce – Peppercorn or Glayva Sauce 3.50
St Olaf Mixed Grill ( ½ steak, Gammon, Liver, Sausage,
Black Pudding, Bacon, Onion Rings) 17.00
Grilled Liver & Bacon with Onion Rings 12.20
Grilled Gammon with Pineapple 12.20

Fish Dishes
Poached Salmon in Lemon Parsley Butter 11.80
Deep Fried Haddock 11.60
Poached Haddock with a Cheese Sauce 12.80
Deep Fried Scampi 11.80

Salad Combinations
Choose from
Chicken, Ham, or Cheese & Pineapple,
Prawn Marie Rose & Tuna Mayonnaise 12.00

Chicken Dishes
Chicken Fillets 9.90
Chicken Fillets with Sweet & Sour Sauce & Rice 11.80
(add chips 60p)
Supreme of Chicken Maryland ( Breaded Chicken Breast, Battered Banana, Pineapple, Bacon and Tomato )13.20
Breast of Chicken with BBQ Sauce or Salsa, topped with Bacon & Cheese 12.80
Haggis Topped with Breast of Chicken & Glayva Sauce 13.80
Chicken Tikka Masala Curry with Rice & Poppadum 11.80
(add chips 60p)

Vegetarian Specials
3 Egg Omelet with filling of your choice 9.90
Vegetable Lasagne 10.90
Macaroni in a Cheese Sauce 9.90

Banoffee Pie 5.20
Knickerbocker Glory 5.20 Mini Glory 4.20
Peach Melba 5.20
Toffee Tower 5.20 Mini Tower 4.20
Warm Chocolate Brownies 5.20
Sticky Toffee Pudding 5.60
Bread & Butter Pudding 5.20

Assorted Ices Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate
One Scoop 2.00
Two Scoops 3.80
Three Scoops 4.80

Tea or Coffee with a mint
Tea or Coffee with Mints 1.90
Special Coffee with Mint 2.50
Hot Chocolate 2.50
Liqueur Coffees 5.20

At the St. Olaf Hotel we do our best to source local produce. Fresh Haddock from Peterhead Market from Ken Cassells. Fresh Red Meats from McWilliams, Aberdeen. Fresh Chicken, Bacon & Sausages from Aberdeenshire Larder, Ellon. Farm reared Turkeys from Bridgend Farm, Hatton. Strawberries in season grown and delivered from Auchtydonald, Longside. Wild Cherry and Bramble Sauce made at Isabellas Preserves, Edzell. Ice Cream from Rizzas of Huntly.
Fruit and Vegetables from Mark Murphy & Partners. Dry goods from Batleys, Aberdeen. Frozen Goods from Bidvest and Woodward Food Services